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Answering Your Moving Questions

Below, you will find a list of our most commonly asked and answered questions that we receive. If you find yourself still searching for answers, call our office now at 732-582-4049.

How do you protect my items in the rain or snow?

If it happens to be raining or snowing during your move, our movers will take extra steps to protect your valuable belongings for you. We will use tarps and blankets to ensure your items do not experience any water damage. Also, our movers will keep your items lifted off of the ground to prevent exposure to water.

Will you help me pack up my belongings?

Yes. Eatontown Moving Companies offers packing services for your home and your office. Our movers will spend the time necessary making sure that all of your items from your TV to your personal card collection are packed with care.

Do I need to provide the packing supplies for my move?

If you plan to pack up your items on your own, yes, you will need to purchase the appropriate items to do so. If you hire us to pack your items, then you do not need to provide us with the packing materials and our team will handle it all.

Are my items protected inside of your truck?

Yes. We make sure to pack all of your items carefully and we place the boxes on the moving truck in the most efficient manner to maximize space. If needed, we will strap your items into the truck to ensure they do not slide around while the truck is in motion.

What are some of the issues that may arise with an interstate move?

There are a number of issues that may arise, but it is important to know that they do not always arise. One of the first issues is that you may have to take a toll road, which would mean that you need to pay or you will wind up with a hefty fine. Secondly, you may notice that a road is closed and you need to go around it. Lastly, interstate moves need to have a backup plan available as hiccups can occur at any time during the move.

Can my animals be in the home with me while you move all of my items?

Your animals should not be in the home when our movers arrive, but we know that things may arise and you may not be able to help the fact that they are in your home. If your animals must be present on moving day, we recommend that you place them in a carrier or a safe cage, so that they do not run around while the furniture is being moved. Loose animals in the home can cause stress for the movers, so please be cautious of this. We want to make things go as smoothly as possible, and we appreciate your cooperation!